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How to use flat iron at home

Everyone is too busy in daily life Tasks , so most People has Lesser or No time to See saloon to get the hair straightened to Direct your hair daily in the home follow Several Measures as described under.

Step 1 Choose best Shampoo and conditioner

Before the use of flat iron on hair take a shower and try to use best ever hair product which claims to make your hair sleek and soft.  Below are usually used shampoo and sprays which provides good results

Step 2 Dry hair with towel

Dry your hair with soft towel not with hard one, as soft towel does not frizz hair then scatter your own hair for approximately for around 15 minutes.  As illustrated in the graphics below

Step 3 Use of blow hair dryer

Next step would be to use drier which will completely wash your hair so that it is possible to use your level iron to curling of the hair.  Now 1 question, the way to use hair blow dryer to generate hair dry select your own hair drier and proceed with constant speed and twist down your head through the usage of blow hair drier, and comb your own hair using regular fingers or brush, this measure entirely dries your hair and also stop your hair out of shock.

Step 4 Heat protection Serum/Spray

The following step apply heat protection serum on hair that completely protects your hair from excessive heat or burnoff.  Largely individuals prefer to use spray Abundant in Argan oil and antioxidants which reduces amount of frizz in baldness and also keep your hair healthy, smooth and shiny, these sprays acts as dyes, as in table below sprays to get hair Table

Step 5 Sectioning of hair

This step clarifies about to sectioning of your own hair, using hair clips.  Sectioning of hair depends upon how healthy your hair is, and size of section ought to be in range of 1-2 inches, so to create your hair straightened in a proper manner so that it’s simple for you to move your level iron over these segments.

Step 6 Temperature Range of Flat Iron

Here is the manual to place temperature of hair application; every iron has built in LCD screen for temperature management.  Please think about this table

Step 7 Use of Flat Iron on Hair

This is the last and most important step for which you are waiting i.e. utilization of flat iron on hair, until utilization of flat iron make sure that your iron heats up to desired temperatures that appropriate to hair of consumer.  Try using the flat iron about one feet away in the scalp, because there is chance of heat injuries in your scalp and wear gloves in your own hand.  Use iron from 1 area to other and do not keep the iron at one place for a long time this will damage your hair due to excess heat.  Repeat last step on rest of the segments of hair and utilize iron on one area for amount of times based upon your hair thickness, thin or normal hair desire one pass and thick or wavy hair need more than one pass of iron hair.  Here is the listing of best Flat Iron that contains 100% ceramic plates or tourmaline ceramic plates or ceramic plates for all hair.  Here is the little video for you to use flat iron at home.

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